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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the SprinkFLEX product meet the NFPA 13 requirements?

A: Yes. The SprinkFLEX product is UL Listed and meets all NFPA requirements.

Q: What type of testing has the SprinkFLEX product been through?

A: SprinkFLEX products are UL listed for fire protection service and have gone through rigorous testing under UL testing standard UL2443.

Q: What types of sprinkler heads can be used with the SprinkFLEX product?

A: SprinkFLEX is compatible with all listed or approved sprinkler heads on the market including concealed, semi-recessed and full pendant sprinklers.

Q: Can the SprinkFLEX product be used in a dry pre-action system?

A: Yes. SprinkFLEX is UL listed for use in hydraulically designed wet, pre-action, deluge or dry pipe sprinkler systems per NFPA 13, 13R, and 13D guidelines.

Q: How do I calculate the Friction Loss for the SprinkFLEX product?

A: Simply plug in the equivalent length value from our friction loss chart into your calculation, just as you would for a fitting.

Q: What type of ceiling grids can the SprinkFLEX be used with?

A: The SprinkFLEX product is UL listed to be used with all Medium and Heavy duty grids (per ASTM C635, C636). Virtually every available suspended ceiling grid system meets these requirements.

Q: Who are your distributors in my area?

A: For a distributor in your area, please contact SprinkFLEX at 888-502-3775 or email us at sprinkflex@gmail.com.

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